Festival Format
For our preliminary portion of the event, we will offer you and your program a chance to have your band adjudicated using the MHSAA/MBA marching festival sheets and format. It is our goal that you will receive positive and constructive feedback from a terrific panel of judges a full two weeks before the MHSAA/MBA marching regional event.

Bands will be scheduled from smallest to largest based on their MHSAA/MBA classification (1A-6A). Out-of-state bands will be assigned using the same standard and converted to the Mississippi classification if there is a discrepancy.
Competition Format
For our second portion of the event, we will offer you and your program a chance to compete in a class-based formatted event determined by the number of wind players in your marching band. There will be class awards and overall awards presented at the conclusion of the evening. Bands will be scheduled by classification based upon registration postmark and fees paid. The registrations with earlier postmarks will perform later in their classification. If two or more bands within the same class have the same postmark performance order will be done by random draw. The contest host reserves the right to "even out" the classes based on the number of entries.
Competition Classifications
Class A:0 to 22 Winds
Class AA:23 to 45 Winds
Class AAA:46 to 60 Winds
Class AAAA:61 to 80 Winds
Class AAAAA:81 or More Winds
Entry Registration and Fees
Festival Only:$250.00
Competition Only:$200.00
Festival & Competition:$300.00
Concessions and Video
Concessions will be provided by the Biloxi High School Band Boosters. Open flames are not allowed on the Biloxi High School Campus and parking near the stadium will be at a premium so we would appreciate it if your participants would patronize our concession stand on site.

Professionally made DVDs will be available via C.A. Video