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This form will tentatively secure your band's performance time. Registration will be complete and performance time will be secured once your payment and signed application has been received.

Registration and Payments MUST BE completed prior to 8/31/2018 in order to be officially registered.

Check / Money Orders should be made out to:
Biloxi High School Band Boosters

Check / Money Order should be mailed to:
Travis Coakley
Biloxi High School
1845 Richard Drive
Biloxi, MS 39532

Deadline for applications is 8/31/2018

Download for 2018 application package not yet available
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Once your online registration is successfully completed, you will given a completed application to print and retain. A copy of that application must be signed and sent in with check or money order in order for your registration to be complete.

By checking the box below, you agree to the above notice of performance assignment, and that your intention is to attend the event.

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